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What is Caveau

The solution for exchange and collaboration everywhere

Caveau is the best answer to the need for confidentiality, security and management of confidential information, combined with the
increasing need for mobility and collaboration.
The software allows viewing, sharing, archiving of files and the collaboration, in a safe and controlled manner.
The platform, hosted in Swiss datacenters, which are FINMA and ISO certificated, facilitates collaboration between professionals,
colleagues and clients and the document and project management.
Caveau also allows events creation, videoconferences, the members and guests activation in virtual rooms and the assignment
of different access criterias.


The best answer to the need for confidentiality on the management and exchange of sensitive information, coupled with the growing need for mobility and collaboration.


The software allows you to view, share, archive files and collaborate on confidential documents, in a safe and controlled way.


Reduce costs through efficient use of electronic data exchange.


The platform, kept on Swiss data center, it’s ISO certified and FINMA compliant.

Members management

It allows the activation of members and guests in virtual rooms, with the assignment of different access privileges.

Events management

Caveau also allows the creation of events and the organization of videoconferences and chats.

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Transfer unlimited files in a safe and unlimited way, and increase your team productivity sheltered from the hidden dangers of the Web.

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A virtual safety deposit box for storing and securely sharing your personal documents with just a click.

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Sharing & Collaboration under control

We have combined the usability and features of a software sharing documents such as, speed, simplicity and usability, we have the enhanced with the functionality of a collaboration tool and we've made it available at an irresistible budget.
With Caveau you can manage:

  • Collaboration room
  • Documents
  • Messages
  • Events
  • Online conference
  • Discussions

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