Would you leave the door of your house open?
So, why let your files unprotected and easily accessible to hackers?

A virtual vault for storing your personal documents and securely share them with a simple click.

Do you want to store your documents, family photos and your passwords in a virtual safe deposit? With Caveau it is possible.
You can quickly access your documents through any mobile device, safely, anywhere, anytime.

How Caveau can help:

Are you queueing at the post office and you can not remember the number of your insurance policy?
Are you at home with friends and want to show the photo album and videos of your holidays?
Do you want to create your own DVD library?
Are you a student and you need to prepare a paper with your classmates? With Caveau you can work with them remotely and check file with peace of mind.
But you can do much more! Discover Caveau depending on your needs and request a demo or simply register on our website to take the free trial for 30 days.